Augmented Reality for Virtual Events

Transform your studio with the visual power of Augmented Reality. Creative Technology’s Augmented Reality (AR) platform enables a variety of 2D and 3D elements into virtual events and webcasts, taking your event to the next level and bringing multidimensional elements into your event, connecting the real and virtual worlds.

Enhance your virtual event

We believe in powerful storytelling and visual experiences. Our technicians have a command of Augmented Reality that is transforming studio programs with imagination and expertise. With Augmented Reality we create dynamic virtual events and connect the movement of the studio cameras to a virtual camera in the 3D Augmented environment. All kinds of 3D objects, for example live data feeds, brand elements, social media feeds and surveys can be brought to life in real time with AR, creating multidimensional elements for your event.

Flexible technology with scalability

The platform can be used anywhere, regardless of location, and is also suitable for multi-camera productions. AR enhances the viewer engagement on any event ranging from product launches to conferences and live music.

Our platform is easy to use and understands camera zooms and other movements, and is easy to control even in live broadcast.

Bringing your virtual event to the next level

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