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Streaming studios in Stockholm

Our streaming studios in Stockholm are designed for your digital broadcast and let you communicate with your audience, no matter their location. The multi-functional studios include high-res displays to showcase your message or unique branding, and can be custom furnished according to your needs. Adding a small audience may transform your virtual meeting into a hybrid event. The space offers convenient client areas such as conference rooms, make-up room, lounges, kitchen and restrooms.

Address: Ranhammarsvägen 12-13, 168 67, Bromma

Studio 1 – seated position

Studio 1 is designed to fit various types of broadcasts, such as talkshows, panel discussions, keynote presentations, congresses and live updates. In the seated position area of the studio, a 98″ LCD screen, together  with LED-sticks and lighting, provide you with a canvas to create your own look-and-feel by adding your brand colors and specific content. The stage can be re-furnished and various setups may be custom built according to your needs.

Studio 1 – standing position

In the standing position area of the studio we have integrated a large LCD screen, used ideally for key-note speakers with presentation slides or contributors participating via live links. The LED screen to the left is a decorative screen to artistically showcase your brand and colors or topics you want to highlight.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is a small space equipped with remote cameras, ideally used for simple and informative broadcasts with minimal need for staff present in the room. The large LCD screen can be used for presentation content as well as discussions with contributors via live link.

Control room

The control room is the heart of our broadcast facilities. Here is where we manage, mix and distribute the signals to streaming platforms, or record them for post production. Through our advanced live link technology we can offer centralized- and remote production, which means that camera productions in any location can be controlled and distributed from here.

Conference rooms

As a customer to our studios you will have access to generous spaces including several conference rooms and a room dedicated for make-up and preparations of talents. In the conference rooms you can follow the studio stream on the large LCD screens and by adding audiences you can create breakout rooms and transform your digital event into a hybrid event.


Let your team comfortably relax in one of the cozy lounges while following the live feed from the studio on the large LCD screens. Adding audience chairs, these areas may also be used as hybrid event spaces, creating hubs following the main program from the studio.

Kitchen area

Enjoy a good meal from nearby catering in our large kitchen area. Whether you bring your own food or order from a catering firm, our kitchen area has lots of space to facilitate your meal breaks – or why not a celebration After Work when your team has finished the day in the studio!

Creative Studios in Stockholm for your digital events and broadcasts

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