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Welcome to our fully equipped streaming studio in Stockholm. Here you create effective and high-quality live broadcasts and virtual events, and connect with colleagues, customers and partners all over the world. Our knowledgeable team ensures all the technical aspects of your show, so that you can focus on your content and message. We place great importance to always deliver according to highest standards and will work with you to customize your production according to your specific requirements and needs.

Address: Ranhammarsvägen 12-14, 168 67, Bromma

The studio

Our studio is designed to fit several different types of programs. In one part of the studio there is a furnished stage suitable for seated discussions and presentations and the other part is intended as a standing playing area. The surface can be refurnished as desired and the technology can be adapted for each event. We have designed the studio so that you can put your own visual touch on your production with simple means. Through creative video and lighting solutions, we make sure to color the program according to your graphic profile and message. This strengthens the feeling that it is your own studio.


Technology is what we live and are passionate about. Our skilled and experienced technical team takes care of you from start to finish so you can focus on your execution and message. Our technology is the latest on the market and the result is the same quality you see on TV.

The Control room

The control room is the heart of our studio operations. Here we collect, mix and distribute the video signals to streaming platforms or record them for post-production. Through our advanced link technology, we can offer centralized and remote production, which means that camera productions in any geographical location can be controlled and distributed from here.


There are many ways to distribute the production you do with us. Our software team has developed the tecViz platform, which is specially adapted for streaming and interactivity, presentations and digital events. With tecViz, you have full control over the distribution of the program and can choose to have password-protected access, track statistics, interact with viewers and broadcast the program both live and on-demand. We create branded landing pages where you can easily and stylishly publish the program and let it live on long after the live broadcast.

Conference rooms

As a customer to our studios you will have access to generous spaces including several conference rooms and a room dedicated for make-up and preparations of talents. In the conference rooms you can follow the studio stream on the large LCD screens and by adding audiences you can create breakout rooms and transform your digital event into a hybrid event.


Let your team comfortably relax in one of the cozy lounges while following the live feed from the studio on the large LCD screens. Adding audience chairs, these areas may also be used as hybrid event spaces, creating hubs following the main program from the studio.

Kitchen area

Enjoy a good meal from nearby catering in our large kitchen area. Whether you bring your own food or order from a catering firm, our kitchen area has lots of space to facilitate your meal breaks – or why not a celebration After Work when your team has finished the day in the studio!

Creative Studios in Stockholm for your digital events and broadcasts

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