Digital System for meetings

Digital system for congresses and meetings

tecViz Congress is an advanced digital meeting system used for congresses and annual meetings.

When arranging a congress or annual meeting, tecViz Congress is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for digital handling of formalities and the democratic process – before, during and after your meeting. The system handles all processes that a congress or meeting entails, such as motions, demands, election of persons, votes, speaker list, speaking time, meeting minutes, and more.


How it works

Each delegate or meeting participant uses a tablet or computer to log in to their personal profile in tecViz Congress. In the system you can read motions, write proposals and demands, sign up for the list of speakers and cast your vote in ballots and elections. With the help of the tecViz Congress, the Bureau keeps track of speaking order and speaker’s times and drives the meeting forward. Compared to a traditional, analog, process, tecViz Congress saves an incredible amount of time and paper – voting takes only a few seconds and all documents are handled digitally.


Adaptations and flexibility

tecViz Congress has been fully developed by Creative Technology’s own development team and can be customied both in appearance and graphic profile, but also in terms of functions required for a particular meeting. We have many years of experience in helping our customers with meeting planning and implementation and have a broad knowledge and understanding of how various meeting processes work. We know that all unions, parties and organizations have their own, individual rules and statutes, as well as ways of doing things, and we can adapt the system and our way of working to suit your particular meeting.



In order for everyone to feel safe before the congress or meeting, we hold system training sessions for both the presidency and meeting delegates and officials. tecViz Congress is easy to use and we often hear from our customers that tecViz Congress is the best system they have used. Our service-minded technical experts are there for you from start to finish and are always available to provide support and help users throughout the meeting process.


Physical, digital or hybrid?

tecViz Congress can be used at traditional, physical congresses and meetings, as well as completely virtual or hybrid meetings. All functionality is available no matter what form of meeting you choose!


Want to know more?

Read the interview “To use a digital congress system at congresses and annual meetings” with Senior Project Manager, Tommy Nivrén. “Tommy is a senior Project Manager at Creative Technology and has worked for many years with meetings and congresses together with a number of unions, organizations and political parties. He has solid experience and a great interest in the complex processes that the various stages of congresses and meetings involve. One of his most important tools in this work is Creative Technology’s own developed congress system tecViz Congress.” Read the interview here!


Read about how tecViz Congress was used at Swedish Medical Association’s annual council meeting.


Welcome to try out a user-friendly and effective digital meeting tool for your next congress or convention! Contact us today for more information.




Photo credit: Liisa Eelsoo