Sleeper Trailers– on-site crew accommodation

Sleeper Trailers – convenient on-site crew accommodation

Accommodate your crew in our modern and convenient sleeper trailers. The trailers provide a comfy resting place after an intense day on the field, while at the same time keeping the team members close to the event. 

Our convenient and fully air-conditioned sleeper trailers can accommodate up to 24 crew members and are a flexible alternative to hotels when working at festivals and events. The comfortable beds, each equipped with a power outlet, reading light, curtains, storage pockets and bottle holders are the perfect hideaway for crew members to get some well-deserved sleep. The sleeper trailer is equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator and a door code lock, and is connected to a 32A power outlet with the included 32A cables.

The sleeper trailers are stationed at CT’s HQ in Kungälv and require at CE licenced driver and a truck for transport. Driver and truck is not included, but can be offered during less intensive periods during the year.

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