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VG-lista comeback: Scandinavia’s largest free concert

Photo credit 1+5: Kilian Munch

On Friday 17th of June tens of thousands of people gathered at Rådhusplassen in Oslo – they were queuing for hours to secure the best spots for what was going to be a great comeback for VG-lista.

VG-lista is Scandinavia’s largest free concert, and it’s three years since the last time it was held at Rådhusplassen, as we are used to. This year’s hosts were P3-profiles Arian Engebø and Nate Kahungu, and Bergen rapper Kamelen opened the show with his hit song Creme De La Creme.

The audience also got to see this year’s Eurovision entry from Norway – the yellow clothed moon wolves Subwoolfer with Give That Wolf A Banana, the shooting star Ramón with OK jeg lover (OK I promise) and Jonathan Floyd, performing what has been awarded this year’s most important song, Danser likevel (Dancing Anyway).

The somewhat bad weather didn’t put a stopper for an amazing concert experience in the heart of Oslo city centre. The rain did ironically stop for some minutes when Chris Holsten performed his song Bare når det regner (Only When It Rains), but continued when he started his second song Slå Hjertet Slå (Beat Heart Beat). After Holsten the whole concert ended with five songs from world-renowned Bergen DJ Alan Walker.

This year the entirety of the VG-lista production was a cooperation between Creative Technology Norway and our parent-company NEP Live Events. We want to thank NEP, All-In, Monster, VG-lista and NRK P3 for the amazing cooperation and give a big round of applause for our amazing people that made this production come together!

VG-lista reaches Trondheim the 6th of July, and Bergen the 13th of July, and CT will of course be there! We can’t wait!