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Albin Lee Meldau in Avicii Arena

The tickets were sold out in the Avicii Arena when Albin Lee Meldau took the stage together with a large symphony orchestra at the end of March. For Creative Technology, it was an intense day with loading, rigging, implementation and demolition – all in one day. On behalf of FKP Scorpio, the team of approximately 15 technicians and project managers delivered a comprehensive technical solution including audio, lighting, display and video production.

In 2008, Albin Lee Meldau participated in Swedish Idol and later had a huge breakthrough with his participation in the 2018 edition of Så mycket bättre in TV4. When he together with the symphony orchestra Gränslandet, under the direction of conductor Christian Karlsen, held a concert in the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, the tickets were completely sold out, right up to the last row of the C-stand.

“We delivered a lot of audio equipment because it was completely sold out. We put a separate PA for the C-stand at the top to ensure the best possible sound in all seats. Overall, the audio setup consisted of main, outfill, delay and C-stand fill with K1, K2, Kara, Kiva, KS28 from L-Acoustics”, says Fredrik Kjellin, Technical Coordinator at Creative Technology.

Since the time schedule was tight with both setup, rehearsal, show and strike within 24 hours, the team put a lot of focus on preparation and pre-production. The entire lighting design was pre-programmed in WYSIWYG, and at the warehouse in Enköping luminaires were hung in pre-riggers the days before the production. The audio team prepared both wireless and mixing positions, and also assembled pre-angled speaker arrays for the C-stands so that they could be flown directly once the team was on site.

The video solution consisted of two IMAG screens above the stage and a 6-camera production, with two manned cameras, two remote controlled PTZ and two fixed Marshall cameras ,rigged up on the stage to capture footage of the orchestra.

“Because of the wide stage, we placed the two LED screens right above the front of the stage. Then they ended up closer to each other than IMAG:s usually do, which led us to produce two parallel camera productions; one for each screen. It turned out to be a really neat solution and gave something extra to the audience who could follow two different camera feeds at the same time throughout the concert, says Love Harnell, Project Manager at Creative Technology.

Photo credit: Creative Technology