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Håkan Hellström – Ullevi 2022

Were you also one of the 280,000 who saw Håkan Hellström at Ullevi and loved it? What an incredible concert, audience and production! Our team is proud and grateful for having been part of creating magic with FKP Scorpio Sweden and Sweden’s absolute biggest live artist – this is something we will long remember!

It’s rewarding that FKP Scorpio Sweden has put sustainability and the environment at the forefront and therefore tried to use as much local suppliers as possible. During four evenings in August, Ullevi in ​​Gothenburg was filled with music, joy and an incredible amount of love when Håkan Hellström met the home audience, and our part in the whole thing was a total technical delivery including:


A huge audio system of over 300 loudspeakers, which consisted of a whopping 108 L-acoustic K1, 68 L-acoustic K2, 64 L-acoustic KS28 and 36 Kara IIs which were operated in an AVB network by 42 pcs LA-RAK II. For the stage production itself, two SD7 Quantum mixer tables, Shure Axient Digital wireless system and Shure PSM1000 as an in-ear system were delivered.

Lights & rigging:

A lighting system including approximately 560 fixtures and 17 follow spots. The system was controlled by a Ma3 system with a total of 16,444 dmx channels. Power to the facility was supplied by 6 Stagesmart C72tv pdu’s via nearly 4 km of Socapex cable. Light, audio and video were hung onto 165 points in approximately 480 m of truss with a total weight of 75 tonnes.


A video setup of of 1,000 square meters of LED of the panel type ROE BQ4. Content playout was performed via 4 x Disguise d3 media servers where 8 x Megapixel Helios 4K processors drove the LED setup. 5,200m of fiber was used, and power was delivered via 6 Stagesmart C48 pdu:s.


Technical crew from CT consisting of 47 people including 11 sound technicians, 11 lighting technicians, 21 LED/Video technicians and 2 Automation technicians.

Johan Ekblad, CT’s Sales Executive Entertainment, was part of the project throughout the whole journey:

What was the most fun about the project?

“The most enjoyable part of this project has been getting to use all of CT’s broad in-house expertise. It has shown what an incredible strength we have as a full service supplier and what fantastic competence we have in the company.”

What was the biggest challenge?

“The biggest challenge was the time frame we were given to set up all the technology. After the first trailer had rolled into Ullevi, all technology was to be up and running within 28 hours. This means that all departments had to build at the same time, which of course means a lot of logistics planning. Thanks to exceptional preparatory work by CT’s staff under the leadership of Wictor Westerdahl, Peter Pihlblad, Fredrik Kjellin and Christoffer Dedes, we were able to hand over the rig to the production in good time.”


Photo credit: Annika Berglund