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Rally Sweden 2023

Up to 200,000 motorsport fans gathered in Umeå on February 9–12 to enjoy this year’s Rally Sweden where Ott Tänak from Estonia took home the final victory with his Ford Puma Rally1 car.

Rally Sweden is one of thirteen sub-competitions in the WRC, the World Rally Championship, and the only distinctive winter rally. The annual event attracts visitors and rally drivers from all over the world and was seen this year by around 100 million television viewers.

Creative Technology has been involved in the competition for many years and delivered a video solution consisting of three 81 sqm and two 21 sqm Mobile LED screens, as well as a flight pack system with three camera production. In addition, we installed a large number of 55″ LCD screens in the arena’s VIP tent so that the audience there could follow the events.

A 21 sqm mobile LED screen was placed at service park Nolia in Umeå, the rally’s central point where all teams serviced their cars, and the remaining four were displayed in strategic locations in the event area Red Barn Arena. During the four days of the competition, the screens let the on-site audience follow all the stages of the race including the last stage and finish at the Red Barn Arena. The screens also displayed the camera production capturing the award ceremonies on the stage, and the large telecast. CT’s camera technology supported the WRC all-live broadcast on the web.

At the opening, Prince Carl Philip, who is himself a big motorsport fan, spoke, and he stated:

“Sweden in the wintertime is really something spectacular. And to experience a rally held in real winter conditions is always exciting.”

The competition has been run since 1950, then under the name Midnattssolsrallyt, and has been a winter rally since 1965. In 1973, the rally received WC status. Rally Sweden is known as a winter festival where the audience gets really close to drivers, cars and the competitions.

“It is an absolutely fantastic event and it’s Sweden’s largest annual event. I saw my first rally as a spectator in 1985 in Värmland and have always been interested in motorsport, so I really enjoy being here”, says Jan-Olof Roos, project manager and image producer at Creative Technology.


Photo Credit: Rally Sweden/McKlein & Creative Technology