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World Men’s Handball Championship 2023

It was Denmark who for the third time in a row won a historic victory in the World Men’s Handball Championship, when the final against France was decided at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on January 29. In this year’s world championship, which was played in several cities in Sweden and Poland, 32 nations participated, and Sweden landed in fourth place.

Two weeks before the players entered into the Tele2 Arena, the technical team from Creative Technology moved in to hang points in the ceiling and preparing the rigging and truss for all the technology that would be installed for the championship. After a break of a few days, when the giant temporary grandstand was built, the team returned to complete the technology delivery which included audio, lighting, rigging and video.

The video solution consisted of the same kind of round “Media cube” that was used during the handball EC 2020, where LED panels were hung in a circular truss. The media cube then showed camera production, results, graphics, commercials, information and match numbers.

In addition to this, a player’s entrance was built with a background LED, ROE strips and a front display presenting the players as they entered into the arena.

To create an even and strong enough match light, Robe fixtures were used above the pitch and for the show numbers additional Robe Mega Pointe and Martin Quantum were added. As always in the big arenas, the distances are a challenge for the lighting team.

“Ideally, you want to limit the lengths of cabling to avoid voltage drops and to ensure that fuses can trip. You don’t want to go further than 100 meters with the cables. We usually solve this by dividing the power into several dimmer locations, and in this case we have set up two”, says Peter Pihlblad, lighting designer and project manager at Creative Technology.

The mission for the audio department was to supplement the arena’s existing audio system and creating a good sound experience for the audience at the temporary platform on one of the long sides of the pitch. A system of Martin MLA Compact and Martin MLA Mini was set up, designed by Creative Technology sound designer Fredrik Kjellin.

“When we supplement the arena’s existing audio, it is important to get the two systems to work smoothly together, so that it doesn’t become bouncy and so that the audience gets a clear and good sound experience. We think we have chosen a sound system that handles this very well”, says Kjellin.

The pitch was covered by a system with L-Acoustics X12 and A15 so that players and the match secretariat could hear announcements and artists.

The team from Creative Technology consisted of a total of 15 technicians, production managers and project managers. From the first rig start until the last trailer left the arena, it took more than two weeks.

“It is important to have a flow in all the different parts of a large project like this, and you have to be able to cooperate with several different actors. Good communication and a desire to reach the same goal is the key to success. It’s fun to work together with so many colleagues and watch everything fall into place”, says Wictor Westerdahl, project manager at Creative Technology.


Photo & video credit: Creative Technology