Streaming & Broadcast Studios


We have established streaming and broadcast studios in various locations to accomodate virtual & hybrid events and digital meetings. Broadcast technology, streaming platforms and full connectivity to remote sites are all prepared and ready to use. Our technical production team will guide you every step of the way, from initial scope, through to showtime.

In addition, we can also offer another 15 professional tv NEP studios in four different locations.

Creative Studio – Gothenburg

Creative Studio Gothenburg offers the technology and experienced professional team to stream the production to your website, social media platforms or secured landing pages in real-time and on-demand. The space is well prepared to follow Covid-19 regulations, with extra space between work stations and dedicated client areas.


Creative Studio – Stockholm

Our studio in Bromma is designed to accommodate your virtual event and let you communicate with your audience, no matter their location. The multi-functional studio include high-res displays to showcase your message or unique branding, and can be custom furnished according to your needs. By adding a small audience you can easily transform your digital event into a hybrid event. The space offers convenient client areas such as conference rooms, make-up room, kitchen, lounges and rest rooms.

We are currently re-designing the studio – stay tuned and contact us if you want to know more!



Marina Towers STUDIO – Stockholm

Elite Hotel Marina Tower has a fully equipped streaming studio that is ideal for live broadcasts of TV productions, lectures, shows, board meetings, general meetings, digital seminars, conferences, video conferences, webinars and congresses. Livestream your next presentation or hold a press conference. Here, everything is possible with three cameras, audio and light technology, and an 18 meter high-resolution LED wall. Read more!

Space Arena – Stockholm

A broadcast ready multi-purpose venue with a 19×5 meter wide 8K LED screen, a 58 sqm stage that can host a live audience of approximately 550 people, making it an ideal option for hybrid events with premium demands and standards. Besides broadcast productions, the venue is suitable for live music performances, game launches, events and conferences along with assorted food and beverage options. Read more about Space Arena!


Studio Sergel – Stockholm

Studio Sergel offers a complete setup for professional live broadcasts, recordings and events. In the heart of Stockholm is the Sergelpaviljongen and at the top we find this unique studio where a breathtaking view of the city makes a panoramic backdrop for your digital event or meeting. The scenography can be adapted based on each project’s specific conditions and needs and up to three speaker’s positions can be used for a dynamic expression. Read more!


Creative Technology has established studios in many locations globally, all with full connectivity which means we can create links between our studios to create seamless and connected global virtual events. Here in Northern Europe we offer fully equipped studios also in Norway and Finland, with trained staff and cutting-edge technology. Camera production technology, streaming platforms and full connectivity to remote sites are all prepared and ready to use.

Check out our studios in Norway and Finland for more information!


Studio spaces for virtual events and digital meetings

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