Experiential audio-visual and immersive technology builds connections with your audience and brings theatrical and entertainment experiences to life. Whether you’re looking for a way to increase customer interaction with your brand or create an exciting exhibition, we understand how best to execute ideas for visitor engagement and immersion.

Attraction Installation


CT are experts at delivering bespoke technical solutions that create unique, imaginative, and immersive experiences for visitor and themed attractions worldwide, unifying the theatrical with the technical.

Brand Experience Installation


In this digital age, AV technology helps brands increase customer interaction; this has driven the demand for experimental designs and creative experiences. We are at the forefront of AV technology and with our cutting-edge focus, we will deliver custom solutions tailored to your requirements and budget, including visually stunning displays, interactive exhibits, virtual reality experiences, and more.

Conventions & Expos Installs


No matter where your next convention or expo takes place, CT can be on hand to deliver flawless technology solutions. CT can integrate the latest audio-visual technology into your project, working closely with you every step of the way to provide unrivalled support and expertise. Available for both temporary and permanent installations, we bring the same design philosophy and attention to detail regardless of the size or duration of the exhibit.

Visitor Centres Installation


From the smallest local visitor centre to the world’s largest 360-degree immersive outdoor entertainment dome, CT can design and deliver market-leading technical solutions that engage your audience at every level.