Crafting specialist AV infrastructure and operational technology for a variety of venues is second nature to CT. Our experience of live events gives us a unique understanding of the best experiential and operational technology for flexible, multi-functional and scalable solutions. We engineer, manufacture, and install top of the range technical and mechanical solutions for any venue, small, medium and large. We also engineer and install Electro Acoustic Systems for venues of every size.

Multi-Purpose Installation


Having flexibility in the type of performance or show is integral for most world-class multi-purpose venues. Our experience in delivering a plethora of experiential solutions gives us exceptional knowledge in all the required technology systems that allow our clients to host a multitude of events, including concerts, exhibitions, award ceremonies and more.


AV integration can enhance your venue into a functional, aesthetically pleasing space that delivers the perfect ambience for your clientele. We can provide cost-effective AV solutions that are easy to use and complement the overall look, feel and sound you require.

Auditorium Installations


CT can help you bring your performing arts and world-class entertainment productions to life using innovative technology to create unforgettable immersive theatrical experiences. Everything from stage lighting, audio and video solutions to stage engineering, electrical and mechanical installations.

Concert Installations


From small productions to large festivals, CT has extensive experience providing AV integration technology across a wide range of music venues worldwide.