Here at CT, we’re always investing in the latest event tech, enabling us to offer our clients the very best solutions to bring their events to life. At our 2018 open day, we took the opportunity to demonstrate a revolutionary audio system to our clients, the d&b Soundscape.

Not only did the large-scale demonstration give our clients the chance to learn more about this new audio system, but hear and feel it in action too! The demo was a huge success, with many clients showing interest in making use of this technology in future projects:

Christopher Pask, Head of Design at Pico Europe told us, “I had a very enjoyable and informative day. I loved the Soundscape!

We are excited to announce that we have now purchased our first d&b Soundscape system, offering our clients a totally immersive, audio experience.

The d&b Soundscape will operate on the user-friendly DS100 platform and enable sound designers and engineers with multidimensional source placement, acoustic room simulation and signal matrix processor capability. Set to bridge the gap between the physics of loudspeaker system design and the creation of artistic material; we’re excited to see how this state-of-the-art system will be utilised by our clients in the near future.