Creative Technology (CT) are well accustomed to working on world-renowned golfing tournaments and are proud to have been a part of the biggest event in women’s golf, the Solheim Cup.

The tournament took place from 9th – 15th September 2019 in Gleneagles, Scotland, a remote area of outstanding beauty, which only added to the unforgettable moment Europe beat the USA 14½-13½ to win!

2019 marked the first year CT has been involved in the Solheim Cup and by further cementing our long-established relationship with ROE Visual, working closely together to significantly contribute to making an even greater success of the event, hugely enhancing the spectator experience.

The LED screens onsite were made up of ROE MC5, a product which provided high-resolution display perfect for displaying detailed scoring information. The 7 on-course electronic leader boards installed were used to display bespoke content to each hole including player statistics, scoring and key game information. As play proceeded, the custom content drilled down even further, visually communicating the state of play in the format of displaying player names, photographs, country of origin flags, and current scores – each unique to the current players on the green.

There were also 5 larger LED golf screens installed throughout the venue displaying a mixture of leader board information and live video feeds. In addition to the on-course screens, CT supplied an LED screen for the Media Centre which was made up of ROE CB3 and displayed a bespoke 18-hole leader board with a live video window in the centre. A final screen was installed within the hospitality area of the event, the ‘Ping Pavilion’, ensuring the spectators who gathered here didn’t miss any of the action!

“Having worked alongside IMG for a number of years on other golfing events it was a great opportunity to work on the pinnacle event of the Women’s Tour, the Solheim Cup. Utilising IMG’s detailed knowledge of the event we were able to create customised graphics for the golf LED screens and leader boards that kept the crowds fully up to date with all the live scoring around the course.” – Richard Smith, Account Manager at Creative Technology