Trainee AV Technician Scheme

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialist Audio Visual equipment to the sports, corporate, exhibition and entertainment industries, Creative Technology know first-hand the importance of getting enthusiastic people into the world of delivering technical events. As part of the NEP Group since 2017, we are in a unique position to offer an unrivalled first step for anyone keen to join our exciting industry.


CT has just over 370 employees in the UK, Spain, Ireland and the Middle East and NEP Group has over 4,000+ employees worldwide. More than half of our employees are highly trained engineers and technicians.

We are proud of our legacy of innovation and outstanding client service, supported by a management team with deep industry experience and we want to pass our skills on.

If you are an enthusiastic team player who works with integrity and passion, is self-motivated with the desire to forge an established career in the live events industry, we are looking for you. Even if you have no technical knowledge yet, don’t rule yourself out.  If what you read below sparks your interest, get in touch via If the scheme is currently at capacity, we will let you know, but keep your details on file. As the current trainees move out of the scheme, we will get in touch.


The Role

Over the course of two years, Trainee AV technicians will collaborate closely with experienced technicians and engineers to understand the fundamental requirements of our technologies and services. Trainee AV technicians will learn about the basics of power, signals, cables, networking and rigging across all departments, whilst building up a knowledge base of the specific equipment used in each one. Upon completion of the course, employment continues within the company as a specialist technician within a department or a multi-disciplined technician.

Trainee Technician Scheme


Our Departments


Looking after our speakers, microphones, amplifiers and mixing desks, your time in the Audio department will teach you the fundamentals of system design and installation focusing on preparing and testing systems for use on site.  There may be opportunities to rig systems on site at conference venues and music festivals, or getting presenters mic’d up, ready for their live broadcast. You will certainly get experience of analogue, digital and networked audio workflows whilst with the department.



Cameras and video playback forms one of the first steps in creating an engaging live event. Our Vision department is responsible for building bespoke video playback systems using the latest and most powerful media servers and software on the market. Mixing this content with our broadcast cameras needs vision mixers capable of managing all the inputs and video types that we require. Whether you find yourself assisting with the build of a playback system for a world tour, or mapping content onto moving objects using tracking technology you will come away with a great understanding of video.


Integrated Networks

Anything that isn’t AV in the AV world usually falls within the Integrated Networks department.  All the video and audio signals produced at large events need to be transported somewhere, and this is done using innovative IP technology on 100Gb networks. Wired, wireless and radio communications systems allow the entire crew to talk to each other on site, across sites, even across continents. Network, Wi-Fi, and streaming falls to the Integrated networks team. Your time in Integrated Networks will give you the grounding in IP networking that is transferrable to every technical discipline in the industry.



These are the most recognisable aspects of what we deliver. You will have seen some of our displays whether you know it or not. LED screens at Reading and Leeds Festivals, score boards at Wimbledon and on the PGA and European Tours, election coverage for the BBC, Olympic Ceremonies, even Regent Street Christmas lights. LED screens, projectors and large displays all live in the Display department. You will learn how to build, test, and configure huge LED screens, how to align and calibrate projectors, and the fundamentals of how to safely power and rig them.



Connecting all our departments together is Operations. Responsible for loading and returning thousands of pieces of equipment from trucks every day, our warehouse, transport, and operational teams keep the equipment rolling. You will learn the necessary working practices that keep everyone safe on site and in the warehouse. How and why we pack and load flight cases of equipment the way we do, and how these processes protect you and everyone around you will become second nature in your career in live events and beyond.

Trainee Technician Scheme

Why was the scheme introduced?

CT internally developed the scheme to bring new staff into the industry with a passion for what we deliver and equip them for a future in live events. The scheme promotes an interdisciplinary approach to our portfolio of work, exposing trainees to every aspect of our technology offering over the course of the traineeship. In doing so we aim to create the breadth of knowledge required for our future technicians, engineers and project managers continuing the tradition of customer focused exceptional show delivery.


What we expect of you

The live events industry is fast-paced and ever changing, you will need to be pro-active and adaptable to get the most out of this scheme. If you find yourself with a quiet half hour, ask if you can help someone else, or pick up a piece of equipment and see if you can understand it.

The other technicians, engineers and mentors will be busy, but what they are doing is important to the delivery of a project and the upkeep of the equipment. We need you to speak up, ask what we are doing, why we are doing it and actively engage in your own progression and learning. And of course, if you don’t understand something; ask!

Teamwork is key to the success of everything we do. You will need to be a great team player, all working together to deliver world class events, and we need you to keep morale up too.

It doesn’t matter if you have never worked in live events or have no idea about the equipment we have. If you have the enthusiasm to learn, ask questions and work hard, we can provide the rest.

Trainee Technician Scheme

What you can expect from us

If you can deliver what we expect of you, we can set you on a career that could take you to every continent, working on events that are known and loved by millions.

You will gain in-depth experience of all CT technologies, be offered opportunities to discover personal strengths and specialise in the future to tailor career opportunities and learn from experienced technicians and engineers.  Through CT you will be exposed to training and development opportunities with cutting-edge technology and the best manufacturers in the industry.

Essential health and safety training, relevant plant operational training such as IPAF, FLT, EFAW are all available and the more you learn the more we will get you out onto site, working on the events we pride ourselves in.



  • Prepare equipment to internal and external client requirements to ensure “right for site” delivery to challenging show environments.


  • Integral parts of the equipment preparation process including assessment for site, fault finding, ensuring quality standards, selecting alternatives, feeding back to other teams and ensuring deadlines for dispatch are met.


  • Using the knowledge of experienced members of staff coupled with proactive learning to build an understanding of the equipment used in the different departments. This includes but is not limited to microphones, LED screens, media servers, and communications systems.


  • Support the effective delivery of event logistics, ensuring prompt, accurate and safe vehicle loading and unloading as well as ensuring all equipment is placed and removed from the truck safely and in a timely manner.


  • Proactively building good relationships with team members to promote a positive working environment.


  • Proactively learn from experienced technicians and engineers.


  • Fully understand the importance of workplace health and safety by completing all health and safety training and being compliant with policies.


  • Ensure the organisation of workspaces including preparation areas, equipment storage and general tidiness.


  • Build an understanding of general company processes, policies, and procedures.


  • Substitute for any other appropriate role within the department as and when required.


  • Ensure all work is delivered to company standards and that quality techniques are practised.


  • Maintain the company’s culture established within the compliance framework of ISO standards relating to Health and Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Environmental impact (ISO45001, 9001, 20121 and 14001)



Email your CV to and we will be in touch.