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In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX)

Green screen keying has been a standard technology for the visual effects industry for decades. However, with the advent of virtual technologies such as In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX), we are revolutionising the film industry and the way we do business.

What is ICVFX?

ICVFX (In-Camera Visual Effects) is an innovative technique where visual effects are captured in the camera instead of the traditional post-production process. As one of the pillars of virtual production, ICVFX allows filmmakers to capture and see virtual assets as if they were actually there; making the process as effective as if they were real-world physical assets.

With ICVFX, a car process can be created with LED technology, allowing the content to play in real-time while filming. The camera is able to capture these images and bring them to life in a much clearer, crisper way than post-production can offer. If you want to see the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip roll by the window while driving, you can craft the illusion without ever setting foot on location.

How does ICVFX differ from green or blue screen technology?

Green or blue screens utilise chroma key technology, a process that layers images or video over a solid colour screen in post-production. This process can be extremely time-consuming as the editor will need to completely key out the background and insert the virtual world. There are also many corrections that will need to be made in post, such as, adding reflections and correcting the background imagery as the camera moves. When using ICVFX technology, the LED does all of this for you. Not only does it give the actor a more realistic world to play off of, but it also creates unprecedented levels of lighting and reflection accuracy. Less time spent on lighting and tweaking creates more time to focus on capturing the actual shoot.

What are the advantages of ICVFX over shooting in the Real World?

ICVFX allows you to shoot multiple locations over multiple days which has big advantages. You can simply stop shooting and pick up the next day, effectively pausing time. No need to overrun and incur huge overtime bills of if you are ahead in your shooting schedule you can just shift locations  – all without the logistics of flying crew across the globe, making it an efficient and extremely favourable option for large productions.

Another benefit of filming in a studio environment is that weather conditions that could ordinarily cause huge disruption to a shoot can be avoided. It also allows you to create a time of day whenever you choose, so whether it is a sunrise or sunset shot that is required, you’re no longer under any time restraints. Having this control helps with the efficiency of the shoot, creating more time for other aspects of production.

The control ICVFX presents can save you a multitude of crew hours and travel expenses, create multiple scenes and locations in the same studio, across numerous numbers of days as required.

ICVFX is an excellent creative tool for production teams, it is an outstanding way for a gaffer to get complex moving lights simply or to get very viable reflections off glass and shiny surfaces. It gives the ability to adjust contrast and saturation to give the environment a unique look, this might be to replicate a real-world location but in a very controlled way or to achieve a look that would be impossible to do otherwise.

Hours spent in post-production are also decreased as the 3D background responds in real-time to the camera movement, adding accurate lighting and reflections on your subject, reducing the need to clean up actors and backgrounds after a shoot. Real-time LED systems are completely transforming the traditional workflow and enhancing the ability to tell a memorable story. CT offers the leading studios around the globe, offering creative and innovative technology to bring feature films to life.

Interested in ICFVX?

Creative Technology UK’s LED XR Stage, Deep Space, located at our offices close to Gatwick offers clients a totally immersive, interactive and augmented virtual environment viewed live and through a display. This provides a higher quality environment with less latency, and a simplified workflow which opens a multitude of opportunities for live and experiential events.

We’ve also partnered up with ARRI to create a state-of-the-art LED volume stage which is one of the largest permanent facilities of its type in Europe. Located at ARRI’s UK premises in Uxbridge, the 708 sqm studio is being offered for hire to short and long-form productions of any kind, as well as for events, education, and R&D.


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