Virtual Events

Virtual & Connected Event Solutions

Creative Technology can provide innovative technological solutions to host and stream a cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or remote event. These solutions have been broken down into three key pillars: Contribution, Production, and Distribution.

Contribution: NEP Home Studio

A gig-in-a-box solution that can be couriered to your client for simple setup in their house with minimal support online or over the phone. Ideally suited for HD studio broadcast contributions where there are limited on-site technical resources available. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled remotely from any Chrome browser using the Manager Portal to ensure the highest quality, in frame broadcast content is received. The central operator fully manages the broadcast and can choose both file recording as HD-SDI and live output to air.

Contribution: Live Audience

Feed off fan reactions, engage in exclusive Q&As, and drive collaboration while lifting the atmosphere of any event by bringing in a live audience online. Through our unique interactive functionality, the online audience is an engaged part of your event, and contributors can appear onstage with the hosts just as if everyone were physically present. Predominantly in sport where audience interaction is essential, this bespoke solution brings back the buzz of live events for the players, sponsors, and spectators!

Production: Virtual Studio

A totally immersive, interactive and augmented virtual environment viewed live and through a display. Put your presenter in a virtual world and interact with it any way you can imagine. The result – a higher quality environment with less latency, and a simplified workflow which opens a multitude of opportunities for live and experiential events.

Production: ARRI X CT LED Volume Studio

The state-of-the-art LED volume stage is one of the largest permanent facilities of its type in Europe. Located at ARRI’s UK premises in Uxbridge, the 708 sqm studio is being offered for hire to short and long-form productions of any kind, as well as for events, education, and R&D.

Production: Green Screen Studio

Fully 3D camera tracked green screen studio.

Production: Streaming Studio

Our streaming studios are ready to facilitate your virtual event and let you communicate with your audience, no matter their location. We offer stylish and multi-functional studios with high-res displays to showcase your message or unique branding. Various set designs enhance the visual experience, while our ready-to-use technology offers secured streaming, interactivity and live communication with your audience.

Production: The Bridge

The Bridge is one of Creative Technology’s remote production facilities. Designed for Remote contribution, editing, switching and distribution it enables all types of connected events. This powerful facility allows us to bring in remote IP-based camera channels to mix and transmit a complete show remotely, with minimal crew movements and little setup time.

Distribution: Social media stream

As a global operation, we’re well-placed to stream securely from anywhere and at any time. From encoding a feed to YouTube to providing dedicated point-to-point options, we offer a wide range of solutions to bring your event online. Our simplest solution broadcasts a pre-mixed signal; at the other end of the spectrum we can host, manage and distribute your content via a dedicated private streaming server. We’ll even build a custom web page to display the feed and can offer password-only access. Using redundant systems we can guarantee that whatever you are streaming will not suffer a loss of transmission.

Distribution: Web stream

Whether you require web streaming added to an existing video system, or need a package including cameras and switching, Creative Technology offers a fully scalable solution for any situation.

Privacy & Security 

Streaming security is always a priority for us. Using The Bridge and NEP Home Studio we can provide fully managed and encrypted point to point contribution systems. We can work with you to advise on security best-practices for any platforms in use preventing any zoom-bombing or other security issues.

We’d love to help you deliver your virtual event.

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