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10 Questions to ask when choosing a technical event management company

Written by: Gianna Kreider, CTUS Project Manager

Planning on working with a technical event management company for your next live event? We compiled a list of ten questions you should be asking yourself so you’re aligned with all parties involved in your next live, virtual or hybrid event.

Do you need an all-around vendor or a specialist?

The complexity of your event can dictate what kind of production partner you are looking for when it comes to providing gear and technical staff. Some venues will offer an all-around solution that can accommodate many events and can assist in budget as they can usually package technical needs with other expenses, such as trucking or drayage. A specialized partner may offer more connections with experts in the technology being used and be able to provide more specific products to fit advanced needs.

How is their rental inventory?

Do you require specific audio, video, or lighting gear for your event? If so, checking with production vendors to see what their inventory is can be immensely helpful. If a company does not own the specific technology, you are looking for, they may have to sub rent it, creating a higher cost.

Do you only need the technology, or do you need creative and engineering assistance?

If your event already has technical staff that can design and engineer your production needs, a dry hire vendor may be the right choice. This is a type of vendor that only provides the specific gear that you ask for. If you or your client is looking for assistance with designing and engineering complex systems, look for a vendor who can offer these solutions. Most full-service vendors will offer complete engineering needs, while some are more specialized and house creative staff to assist in design elements.

What kind of customer support will they offer?

Customer service is a huge factor when selecting the right production vendor. How fast do they return calls or emails? Do they provide project managers to assist onsite? Do they resolve issues quickly and concisely?

How stable is the organization?

The longevity of your vendor is crucial. Years in business and other clients they have provided service can offer valuable insight into their ability to support your event.

Are they experienced and forward-thinking?

Ask to see other projects they have executed that are similar to your event. Most company websites will feature case studies that give insight into their production style. The best production vendors will be on the forefront of cutting-edge technology. By seeing examples of recent events, you will be able to decide if they have the innovation to support your ideas.

How do their safety practices stand up to what you expect?

COVID has created many new safety precautions that need to be considered. Some states and venues do not have strict precautions so it is important to make sure your vendor will support any requirement you have for on-site staff.

Does the vendor provide other services?

Some vendors partner with the show association and can offer small benefits, such as pre-rig days or expedited unloading of trucks. Other vendors may own their own trucks and can bundle that cost in. It never hurts to ask what other services may be available.

Can they support streaming?

In the time of hybrid events and virtual shows, this is a valuable service. If you require any streaming elements, check that the vendor has the equipment and a knowledgeable staff that assist with getting your event online.

Can they work within the confines of your budget?

Quality can cost, but a good vendor should be able to offer solutions that can support your vision as well as not break the bank.


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