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Graphite — Making Videowall Technology Efficient As Well As Effective

As a leading AVL systems and services vendor, CTUS has to make numerous product acquisition choices. However, we make our purchasing decisions from a number of critical perspectives, including product performance and value, of course, but also how it fits into the bigger logistical picture. That’s an especially critical consideration in light of ongoing transportation and labor challenges. CTUS’ newest acquisition, Roe Creative Display’s new Graphite LED video wall system, is the perfect example of how all of these considerations go into the purchasing equation today.

Graphite was designed as a lightweight, fast-building indoor LED solution. Graphite achieves pitches as tight as 2.6 mm, so resolution performance is unquestionable. But it does so in a very lightweight form factor — less than 19 pounds per approximately 20 x 40-inch tile — that means it costs less to transport and requires less manpower to assemble. And Graphite goes together quickly and easily: Its clever panel design combines an integrated magnet-assisted connection and a smart-lock system, which reduces assembly time up to 40 percent compared to standard LED panels. Finally, Graphite offers easy on-site maintenance. Both the PSU and the LED modules can be swapped while in use, and the LED modules are interchangeable and can be replaced from the front l or the rear of the panel.

The resolution and visual quality are excellent, but it’s the attention that CTUS is paying to the logistical aspects of the product that really sets us apart,” states Stephen Gray, who adds that CTUS will be taking the first US delivery of Graphite — 1,200 square meters — this summer. “We take into account transportation costs and labor requirements as parts of the product decision process. It’s a great video wall solution, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.”