Audio Technology for Live Events

We don’t just deliver speakers or manage your on-site communications. We work hand-in-hand with the largest audio manufacturers in the world to craft custom solutions for our clients needs. Solving real-world audio challenges is what keeps our work relevant and keeps the industry moving forward.

PA Systems

Creative Technology uses advanced prediction anaylsis in conjunction with your event CAD design to help craft the perfect PA system to deliver your company’s message. Whether you need spoken word, video playback, or entertainment we have a team of experienced technicians that will tailor the system to your specific needs.

Immersive Environments

As audio technology evolves, audiences are exposed to more sophisticated audio systems everywhere they go. Our esteemed technicians understand the numerous formats and the optimum way to create, maniputate and deliver these systems, creating a memorable acoustic environment for your audience.

Real Time Communication

Shows encompass a mulitiude of disciplines all tied together by a common thread: intercom. In utilizing the latest in fully programmable, digital wired and wireless communications, Creative Technology supports the fast, effective, and clear communication paths that are critical to a show’s success. Our veteran staff will deliver any level of complexity required for your event.


A successful show demands first class back office engineering, preperation and quality control. Our Director of Audio Engineering and Audio Network Specialist are ready to assist in concept, evaluation, design and deployment of all audio infrastructure, They are supported by dedicated staff of quality control and field technicians who work together across all locations to ensure a consistent product delivery and 100% uptime.

Audio Services for Events of All Sizes

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