Video Technology for Live Events

Capture & manage video content with absolute control. The team at CT is known the world over for our video technology for live events. From cameras to production systems, trust that your next event will have the best-in-class gear you deserve.


Our passion for excellence is conveyed by our commitment to the highest quality gear. Whether it be broadcast, live streaming, or capture and record, our 4K and HD cameras will ensure your video is clear and crisp.


Automated Remote Cameras

Our Panasonic and Sony remote PTZ cameras can provide you the perfect shot without having to see the camera. The camera’s networking capabilities allow one operator the ability to control multiple cameras live or store easy to access scene presets. These cameras can also be painted to match other cameras in the production. We also carry a range of spy cameras that can provide operators or technical directors with hard to see stage views.

Production Systems

Our production systems are fully customizable to meet the need of any size show, featuring compact racks to maximize the use of available space. Our multi format flypacks provide a multitude of signals from standard HD to 4K and graphics. Our range of switchers feature multiple ME’s for large visually demanding shows or stand alone mixers for for small events of 4 cameras or less. Our commitment to quality allows the highest level of production for the space.

Record & Playback

Creative Technology implements the latest and most advanced systems to keep up with a continually advancing landscape of playback technology. We offer a variety of systems from simple looping media players to multi screen playback systems. We record in high or ultra high definition and go directly to hard drives making for a quick hand off to clients at the show’s end.

Media Servers

Creative Technology provides the most current media servers available, including Watchout and Disguise. The flexibility of these systems allows us to support small single screen shows, widescreens, and projection mapping. Our in-house technicians are able to adjust configurations for your exact needs before gear arrives onsite helping to eliminate errors and provide you with the maximum power of the server.

Managing Video Content Has Never Been Easier

Reach out today and let’s talk about your video needs.