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From branded and interactive meetings and conferences to large-scale productions, our suite of virtual event solutions can support your vision for your next event.

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Sebastian – Online Virtual Event Platform

Sebastian is our customized streaming video & virtual events platform. Let your most engaging content shine with Sebastian! Engage your guests with big, bold video content and multi-track delivery. Sebastian is established in lessons learned from CT’s work in the entertainment & corporate media industries.

The Sebastian platform allows for fully customizable sites to be built and managed by our internal team with the same dedication to engineering, durability, and rock-solid delivery you know and trust from CT.

Sebastian deploys quickly using templated assets and page designs customized to fit your brand. Flexible enough to make sure you stand above the crowd. Sebastian can be quickly deployed to get your event online in days, not months. Make it your own, with Sebastian!


Kola – Hybrid Digital Stage

Kola packs the punch of an arena-sized stage in the footprint of a conference room. Perfect for cozy fire-side chats, studio-style productions, or a large theater. Kola empowers your production to be as big as your imagination. Designed for either 1 or 2 on-stage presenters, the Kola environment uses a practical LED studio and optional floor as scenery. Kola further adds digital set extensions including our virtual audience to complete the environment.

Standard configurations start with a 16:9 or 3:1 screen. Kola is commonly used with 1 on-set host, 3 remote contributors, and a live studio audience.


  • Small physical footprint.
  • Deploys as physical equipment, or combine it with our Bella & Liam for cloud production deployment.
  • Traditional corporate event workflow; design the scenery, then utilize content windows to bring dynamic elements into the environment.
  • Use your own custom designed set or use one of CT’s four stock sets. Design services available through CT.
  • Audience engagement. Monitors show views of guests, graphics and audience members in a way the on-stage talent can easily see & interact with.
  • Efficient production. Kola typically uses (4) fixed cameras and can integrate with existing production switchers and conferencing tools.

Liam – Compact Production Kit

Liam is CT’s high production value, compact kit. The Liam kits are the ultimate upgrade for key presenters working remotely. The Liam kits deploy at home or at a remote office studio. Shipped with everything required, including a green screen, these kits allow your on-camera hosts to address the audience through an on-camera teleprompter while engaged with presenters. They can see and interact with monitors positioned out of the frame. Utilizing either a chroma key green or chroma key blue backdrop, groups of presenters may interact with each other as though they are standing in the same room.


  • Teleprompter set at eye level for ease of use by your talent.
  • Ultra-low latency links allow the presenter to interact with other hosts through the cloud naturally.
  • Based on a tablet infrastructure, once connected to the internet the devices are remotely managed by CT.
  • Small physical footprint ships in 5 cases.
  • Efficient production. Liam is typically set up by the presenter and can combine with Bella and Kola for ultimate flexibility.

Bella – Cloud Control

Bella offers the benefit of cloud production tools deployed with the CT Engineering dedication to reliability. Similar to a mobile production unit or studio, CT has combined our tested and trusted resources into cloud instances for large-scale deployment and best-in-class reliability.

Offered at three starting configurations, these cloud control rooms offer video switching, remote contributors, graphics workflows, intercom, discrete records, production routers, and multi-viewers. The creature-features of home lifted to the cloud.



  • Production audio & video switcher with 8 inbound sources.
  • Ability to add simple playback, graphics, and audio controls.
  • Primary & backup streaming outputs to one destination.
  • Multi-viewer for production.
  • Cloud-based intercom.
  • A crew of 2.

Intermediate Add Ons:

  • Premium remote contribution.
  • 32 x 32 cloud router with remote control panels.
  • Primary & backup streaming outputs to one destination.
  • Dedicated ISO records, stream confidence.
  • Option to have growing files (edit while record).
  • Delivery of record files via cloud storage.
  • Cloud prompter tool.
  • Enhanced multi-view tool for up to 25 production staff.
  • Crew of 4.

Advanced Add Ons:

  • 128 x 128 cloud router with remote control panels.
  • Dedicated audio mixing engine.
  • Scheduled/dedicated playback.
  • Scheduled/dedicated graphics/speaker support.
  • A crew of 6.

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